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About Us

Amy Stevens, Photographer/Owner

Photography has been a part of my life since the day I was born. My father was an amateur photographer who bought his first SLR camera the day I was born. As a young girl, it’s the camera he used to teach me with. I loved the sound it made when you pulled back on the lever to advance the film after you took the picture. I loved how I could look through the view-finder and see the world in a completely new way. I loved dropping the film in, snapping the back shut and advancing it to the very first frame. But the best part was getting the prints back later and seeing the finished images. From 4H to the high school newspaper to my first job at a professional studio, photography has been the continuous thread in my life.

So much has changed in photography since my Dad bought that first Nikon. Instead of film and darkrooms we now have memory cards and computers to process the images. What has remained the same is the joy in creating an image and capturing a moment. Being chosen as your photographer is an honor. I know that the images I craft for you are not only important to you but also to your children and grandchildren. These are the images to accompany the stories that are handed down from one generation to the next.

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband of twenty years to walk through this journey of life with. We are the proud parents (and full time chauffeurs) of two beautiful girls and one darling boy who keep me busy driving them all over town.


Brandi Coldwell, Photographer/Owner

I have the best job in the universe for sure!

I have been blessed with an awesome family and career. I have three gentlemen in my life that keep a smile on my face and gray hair on my head. My husband of 8 years has been supporting me since this journey began. My kiddos are aspiring photographers themselves at 11 and 14 years old constantly snapping shots of themselves with my iPhone.

I cannot explain how exciting it is for me to create an art piece for my clients. I love to exceed their expectations and create something they would not of seen or thought of for themselves. I believe this is what sets us a part as photographers. I know that in photography there is a story to tell, a moment to feel, and an experience to relive.

I love to document life and the love within it! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my passion.




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